1958 - 1978




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16th May 2015 from Barry Ryder


Daniel at Walthamstow Memories forwarded your email.  Wonderful to hear from you and I hope you are well.  The proposed website is a great idea and I will definitely be visiting it.  I don’t have very much in the way of memorabilia but if there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

3rd June 2015 from David Hammond


Its lovely to see the deveopment of this site.  I am still in contact with Eric Allinson.  Eric had a long and successful football career at Dulwich Hamlet and in his later years for Hendon and Cheshunt.  He also played for and managed  the London FA Rep Team.


In one of your photos you have a team which features a young Jimmy Neighbour,  who played with me for Heathcote Youth Club and went onto play for the Spurs, Norwich and West Ham. He died prematurely a few years back .  He was only in his early 50's. In Barry Ryder's programme Steve Kirby is shown in one of the junior teams. I also played with him for Heathcote Youth Club . He went onto play for Clapton in the Isthmian league and later managed Ridgeway Rovers, which at the time contained a young lad called David Beckham.

4th June 2015 from Peter Perryman


What a lovely surprise after all these years

6th June 2015 from Eric Allinson


Fantastic website!   I look forward to speaking with you soon and sharing some great memories.


I'm a 'hoarder' so I've lots of memorabilia to download!!    Thank you and very best wishes,



7th July 2015   from Garry Meader


Great site.   Many names I recognise from the past in the teams before I joined Rangers.  I am still in touch with George Ferrari.


Also I have photos from Forest District League cup finals.


I am looking forward to seeing more posts in the future.   Regards Garry  

19th December 2015 from Kevin Wells


My name is Kevin Wells and I would like to make contact with Barry Ryder we played together in the same team for at least a couple of seasons back in the late sixties.



16th January 2016 from Jimmy Martin


I was a member of the 1969/70 Saturday senior side and recall the trips to Belgium, the billboards with the description (top London amateurs) on them the brass band procession to stadium and a bucket of cold water to wash with after the game. Good memories and this is  a great and fitting site  for a great institution

15th February 2016 from Phil Simmons (ECFA)


Excellent site!


It has helped me to update the Essex County Football Association A archive with regard to the Andrews cup record.


1967-68 (53 Entries)   Walthamstow Rangers beat Debden YC   at Epping Town FC       2-2 aet.  Replayed at Ford United FC   3-2

Walthamstow Rangers:  A. Hafford, C. Ingram, B. Hazle, I. Jackson, M. Titheradge, D. Littlechild, R. Wiles,  P. Littlechild,  M. Watts,  B. Biggs,

S. Kirby, G. Arnott, A. Gillan.    Manager: Colin Arnott.


If you have any other details of the cup final please let me know.



5th September, 2016 from Brendon Batson


I’ve recently had a look and I am surprised at just how many of the club’s players went on to have professional careers, many of whom I played against.  It brought back fond memories.


Good luck with the site and I hope you continue to get many more ‘hits’.



20th September, 2016 from Colin Arnott


Well ... Well  ... Well!  The Rangers are now online! Fantastic!


Stumbled across the site a few days ago - and lost 3 hours doing the tour of great memories. Although he remains modestly uncredited on the site - only Dick Raymond can be sitting on this much info.  Coincidentally I was at an Old Monovians 'Class of 58' reunion the next day and passed on the link to half a dozen old Rangers who were equally gobsmacked.


I have some photos and memorabilia I can pass on - let me know how. How about a Walthamstow Rangers reunion?


3rd October, 2016 from Andy Manston


Have just been told about this excellent website.  Congratulations !  This brought a tear to my eye today.  Great pictures from the past .. not enough of me though!


I have some other earlier Handbooks and Guardian reports which I will be pleased to send .



13th October, 2016  from Bobby Wiles


Just found the Walthamstow Rangers site. Sat for about an hour looking through the various sections, it brought back some very fond memories. The Rangers were a very positive factor on my football career, so thanks to all those involved especially Colin Arnott who was the manager of our team. Once again many thanks.  Best wishes Bobby

5th December, 2016 from Dave Stocker


Great to come across this website. It brought back some wonderful memories.

23rd August, 2017 from Mike Titheradge


Thanks for the website, my wife came across it while searching my surname. It brought back lots of happy memories of playing for the club from the U13s in 1963/64 onwards, I actually started on moving to Monoux in 1962/3.  After all these years I still have my old shirt,, medals and a copy of the team photograph shown on the website. Reading the section on the Tours I remember vividly going to Belgium and ended up coming home on the ferry with a walking stick and broken ankle as a result. My mother who is 94 still uses that stick! It would be great to hear from any of the others from Monoux and Walthamstow Rangers at that time period. Thanks once again for all your efforts, it is very much appreciated. Mike

3rd February, 2019 from George Berryman


What a find, great site well done to all,   regards George


15th December, 2019 from Graham Dennis


I lived out in Essex, but ended up playing for several seasons in the mid 60's thanks to my Dad who drove me up every weekend.  So many great memories from those years.  Made so many friends and my Dad ended up as a manager in 1966/67.  A great club run by great people.